Tea is not just a drink,
it is a fundamental human right.

It makes me think
that there might actually be a God.

See, if I was told
it was grown in Elysian Fields,
and brewed by Jesus, I’d believe it.

Look at it! Take a sip!

It goes down, brown and smooth,
like the Jackson Five, singing:

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feeeeel it?

And, please!
Do not listen to those tea-drinking fascists
Who try to dictate what way you should have it.

Who say, ‘People who put the milk in first
those people are just the worst!’

That’s just tragic.

Tea is like love;
just make it and it will be magic.

Because it is the very best beverage.
and if you don’t agree.
just try to dip a digestive
in your beer;
then you’ll see.
And, if you are somewhere
where they don’t serve tea?
Leave that place, immediately.

So, if today is testing your mettle
You should take a break.
Go, stick on the kettle
And have some tea
it’ll be okay.


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